Readings Genesis 9:8-17, 1 Peter 3:18-22, Mark 1: 9-15

A few weeks ago I was in the Holy Land and I    wondered what I had been expecting on that journey and in that place?

Who would I meet? What would I say? What did I need to take?

I am not sure now what I expected, or had I set out on this journey with the hope that I would merely enjoy it and be pleased that I had made the effort?

And as we start Lent our readings for are about temptation, fasting, God’s promise to Noah, and Jesus resurrection.

Temptation – believing that I have got it all right

Fasting – spending time by suffering in some way

God’s Promise – He will be with us

Jesus Resurrection – Beyond all this that we see and meet Jesus died and was resurrected that we may have that eternal life.

In the Holy Land these aspects were all met and I found that they became alive for me. And who did I meet, what could I say and what did I need to take?

Absolutely nothing!

Rev’d Sue Martin