The Transfiguration Feb 15 2015, St John’s Church, Kings Lynn

Readings 2 Kings 9:1-10 Mark 9:2- 12

IMG 1564  Our eyes are opened and at last we see.

Three tents or places look towards the heavens.

I have just come back from the Holy Land and and on Mount  Tabor, walked in in the place where the Transfiguration  happened.

What was it that Jesus was asking his disciples here? Why  again, did he just take Peter, James and John? How amazed  were they as they watched Jesus transform into dazzling  brightness?

How unbelievable that as the cloud descended there beside Jesus, stood Elijah and Moses?

Jesus took the three disciples there to try to open their eyes to what was happening.
Often in Jewish scriptures we hear of the ‘veil of ordinariness that normally prevents us from seeing the inside of a situation. This is a view and an insight into God’s kingdom, Jesus really did appear as the Messiah. The disciples were transfixed. They could see with their eyes wide open.

We often hear that there are layers and dimensions in this world. Usually we like to make sense of all that we see, hear and know and are familiar with. It is hard to take that leap of faith and enter a world of the unknown.

It’s a bit like being a child again, like exploring for instance the world of music, or the world of dance, looking through a telescope into the stars.

Rev’d Sue Martin –