Advent 1 November 28th

The light shines in the darkness

Candle Light in St Mary’s East Walton. Norfolk  by Sue Martin

Advent means the arrival or the coming.

Just as it’s getting darker and darker with the nights getting longer and longer, we start thinking about the light of the world;

All out of darkness there came light,…

The light of the world has come among us to cast away the works of darkness and put on the armour of light from the collect.

What does that all mean, darkness, the works of darkness, the armour of light?     Read more in Advent 2021

Rev’d Sue Martin

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Remembrance 2021

Poppies in the field..

At the 2 minute silence, my thoughts were in small pieces, sound bites ! They were…

On a school visit to the trenches, the tiny distances that were fought over, yet the huge space of the battles in Northern France.

The Canadian War Memorial in Arras, so many name and all those graves.

The medals that were won, the pride, the courage and the hope.

The Second World War and places like Dresden, destroyed, our own cities too,

The whole concept of a concentration camp, people I knew who escaped over here and sought refuge.

The army, the RAF and the navy, everyone doing their bit, the land army too.

Captain Tom Moore British Army officer and fundraiser who made international headlines in 2020 when he raised money for charity in the run-up to his 100th birthday during the COVID-19 pandemic. One mile a day!! We were all touched enormously by the strength and determination of this amazing man of stamina, both physically and mentally.

It isn’t always in the huge things that are done but  in the small things done with great heart. 

Read more in Sermons 2021

Rev’d Sue Martin Diocese of Norwich

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Michaelmas and Archangel St Michael

September 29th. Michaelmas, an important  day in the farming year when traditionally farm tenancies changed, and farm workers were unhired or hired for the coming year. Must have been a difficult time if you were a hired hand and then n longer had a job for the winter ahead.  The hiring fairs across the country were held around this day

St Michael the Archangel is patron saint of sea and maritime lands, of ships and boatman, of horses and horseman. He was the Angel who hurled Lucifer from Heaven for his treachery. He is seen as the leader of the army of angels against the forces of evil, as a protector. He is a Satan slayer and a dragon beater!

Read more in Sermons 2021

Rev’d Sue Martin

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Education Sunday 2021

Every step of our lives is involved in learning. Every day, every waking minute, wherever we are, and however old we may be, we are still learning.        Education is the key!

It is the key to our understanding, the foothold on which our ‘ladder of life’ is based. It fills
our minds to grow, our hearts to understand and our souls to be refreshed.
We all have a part to play in education, whether in our own lives or for our families.
In our country we have an education system which is free for all children from ages 4-18
years. In further education we have a system whereby young people can follow their hopes
and dreams and find a way to a career. Education doesn’t end there… we have a lifelong
learning programme whereby we are encouraged to find out about different aspects at
different times. Every day and every year can be a learning journey.

Read more in Sermons 2021 

Written as part of my work as Bishop’s Officer for Schools Mission in the Diocese of Ely

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Poppies and storm clouds

A few weeks ago I took the photo of the poppies in a nearby field, close to where I live in West Norfolk.

At that time fields were full of the stunningly bright red poppies.



Where there had been crops of wheat and barley, the fields had been turned into rewilding projects on the local estate farms and the poppies flourished.

For me, the poppies represent all that we have lost in this last year. Through their radiant colour, they show all that is good in this life. They show that if cared for they can flourish, just like ourselves.

The dark grey clouds indicate that we are not out of the storms yet, we still have to find our way through the Covid 19 crisis, blue skies appear from time to time, but still the storm clouds roll in.

But we will find our way through ,and with God’s help we can look after others who are struggling and we can find new ways of living. Like the poppies in the fields, which had been  struggling, but now are  radiant and flourishing.

Rev’d Sue Martin

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Peace and quiet…

Have you ever felt like getting away from it all?  Going somewhere else, peaceful, no pressure, no crowds, no traffic queues, no noisy crowds?

Strangely I did just that yesterday afternoon. What a glorious day and I had fought my way across the traffic to get into town and just decided to do something that I had been thinking about for a long while. Well, to be honest since lockdown has finished and I have been planning in my mind places to walk or to cycle to.

So, I drove down past the Fisher Fleet in  King’s Lynn, and headed down to the river. I parked the car and walked, and walked and walked…

Rev’d Sue Martin

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Ascension Day 13th May 2021

Ephesians 1:15-23

Acts 1:1-11

‘A cloud took him out of their sight

And so the disciples were left behind, and returned to Jerusalem. Once again they had to say goodbye to Jesus and were even more aware that they needed to be going out into the world to spread the word.

The cloud often appears in the Bible and can be seen as the way that God appears in a veil of cloud. How often do you stand looking at fluffy white clouds and make them into amorphous shapes?

A cloud took him out of their sight…

This is where the distance between heaven and earth comes close. It is hard to visualise and explain this concept, it can be described as like cutting through paper with a knife and finding yourself in another place, at certain points in our world we can feel closer to God and heaven.

We hope that many of our churches are in such places, but it can also be a place in the countryside or a spot in a town, somewhere where you do feel closer to God.

Read more in Sermons 2021

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Easter 2021

We had a balancing act this year shall we church or shall we Zoom?

In the end we did both! We had the Service of Light at 8.00 a.m. in All Saint’s Ashwicken, which is our church in the fields. Set on a hill in Norfolk with primroses, and daffodils throughout the churchyard, it was joy to meet each other( socially distance of course!)  and to share greetings.

By 11.00 a.m. we were live on Zoom! At home and people celebrating Easter, even though they can’t go out.

At least we are on the way to meeting with each other. At least we have some sense of getting through this pandemic, even if it will take time.

Alleluia, Christ is Risen! The stone is rolled away, and a new dawn has begun.

Read more on Easter page.

Happy Easter!

Rev’d Sue Martin Diocese of Norwich

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Papua New Guinea and Heartwood C of E Primary School, Norfolk

Our link with Papua New Guinea remains strong in the Diocese of Norwich. We are aware that life is tough for the people of PNG at the moment as Covid19 hits the area.

We have a presentation to deliver to a school in Norfolk, Heartwood C of E Primary School, on  Thursday 18th March to help Year 2  discover a different land. This is part of their curriculum in geography and RE. What a great way to explore our world.

We journeyed to Papua New Guinea on a Pilgrimage in 2015 and I will be using many of the photos I took at the time to illustrate the session with the Year two children.

The video below is of our greeting by the people of West New Britain(an island in the South Pacific) as we were welcomed into the island.

Rev’d Sue Martin

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Jerusalem and the Nuns in Dublin

I am still dancing and singing this tune. The nuns in a closed order in Dublin thought they would do something to lighten our spirits and to bring us hope.

It’s worked!

Rev’d Sue Martin

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