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This year has seen war far too close at hand and we have felt at several times that it could get even closer. What ever has happened…  A phrase I keep hearing is … Not in this day and age.

Armistice Day, the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. The battlefields of the First World War 1914-1918 were silenced, the atrocities and enormous loss of life in the worst of circumstances came to an end. Soldiers and all involved in the war eventually came home.

And from February this year we have seen war, with destruction of cities and homes, people fleeing from their country in search of shelter.

At times it’s like the world has been shaken up!

But we all live with the hope that we can all one day be free…

Rev’d Sue Martin


Harvest Services with Schools

Harvest services from our schools have filled the churches. Way beyond our expectations. Churches bursting at the seams. Food donations piled high at the font and the altar. All ready to be taken to the town food bank.

Children’s voices raised the roof. Prayers read and stories told.

What more could I add than just the biggest thank you from the depths of my heart for bringing back the love, laughter and joy to church.

Rev’d Sue Martin

St Michael and All Angels- Michaelmass

St Michael is seen as the chief of archangels, a defender, guardian, protector of Israel and the faith. He is shown in Daniel as a warrior and of course in Revelation he is the slayer of the dragon and the angel who cast out the Satan from the heavenly thrones.

The to angels is said to be:

First Order are Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones,

Second order Dominions, Powers and Virtues

Third Order Principalities, Archangels and Angels

Terms also to describe angels are sons of God, ‘holy ones’, Angels are mentioned in the divine council of God as members of a heavenly chorus,

St Michael is  gentle and brave, gallant and bold.

From the hymn by Jan Struther,

Let faith be my shield and let joy be my steed

‘Gainst the dragons of anger and the ogres of greed:

And let me set free, with the sword of my youth,

From the castle of darkness, the power of the truth.

Michaelmass, September 29th is the time we remember St Michael and also celebrate the changing seasons of the agricultural world.

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Sun and Moon- How Amazing is That!

Full Moon August 12th St Botolph’s Church. Grimston

In this heatwave I have been enjoying being in the garden in the evening. We have a wonderful view of the western skies . On Tuesday evening  I watched and I waited. The sky slowly changed from pink  to darkness. The sun went down in the west and the moon came up in the south.

How amazing was that!

The moon slowly changed from having pink edges to a beautiful white with just the outline of the craters on the moon visible.

How amazing it was. Then in the darkness I saw the bats overhead. I heard the call of the tawny owls. I watched as one flew from one oak tree to another and then started to call the young over to it. I looked up at the sky when the stars were appearing overhead , many billions of light years away.

How amazing is that!

God’s world is full of awe and wonder. Read more in Sermons 2022.

Rev’d Sue Martin

The Queen and Paddington

by Eleanor Tomlinson

by Eleanor Tomlinson

On a journey together, hand in hand, coats and hats on and bags in hand. Who would have ever suspected that marmalade sandwiches  unite the Queen and Paddington. But we know no that the Queen saves hers for later!

What a statement of truth, sincerity, honesty and a life of service is hidden from view but so obvious as they set off together. One foot in front of the other they both set of on the life journeys with all that they need.

Rev’d Sue Martin

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The walk to Golgotha

Golgotha in 2015

And yet… they took Jesus and he walked carrying the heavy cross through Jerusalem and the Via Delarosa and on the hill of Golgotha they crucified him.

As we face depths of despair in our lives let us walk on in faith knowing that the story does not end in death but in resurrection.

In our world we pray for those who will face violence today, who will face death. Keep them strong and brave and let the Son shine in their lives today.

Amen   Rev’d Sue Martin

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Acts of Kindness

Grandad and grandchild in tune…

An Act of kindness can mean many things, it can mean helping someone along the way, it can mean listening to a friend.  It can mean walking in step with someone else.  Holding a hand to support, or just to show you care is a sign across the generations. Sometimes  older and younger people are much more in tune with each other.

I came across this picture of a colleague who helped me along the Way and made such a difference to my journey. Who is helping who in the picture? Or are  grandchild and grandad just connected and see the joy in the same things.

Nearing the end of Lent I have created a set  of Prayers including this picture.


Rev’d Sue Martin



What kind of world do we live in?

World Vision is on the ground helping refugees from Ukraine

I am sure that you, like me and many others will have been praying more over the last two weeks. What a strange world we live in.

Tv screens and newspapers full of suffering, torment, war, destruction, and refugees. Ukraine is the focus of dreadful bombardments and suffering, and for what?

When people risk their lives by travelling across Europe with vans full of medical supplies, clothes and food, when children in our schools have seen the face of war and have stood up against it by spending whole days in support of Ukraine.

Whatever we may think, this is not the way it was ever meant to be, and I hope the sermon touches some of those thoughts indirectly. Read more in Lent 2022.

Hold fast to hope and pray like never before…

Rev’d Sue Marin

Prayers at Lent 2022

Time for Reflection… Sunset at Old Hunstanton beach, West Norfolk, Feb 2022

Lent is a time for reflection and making some changes to lifestyle.

Generally, for me that means giving up chocolate. But I don’t actually eat that much chocolate anymore, so it seemed like the easy way out!

Instead of or as well as I have returned to a project that I did a few years ago.. adding a prayer for every day of Lent. In 2022, this seems the least I can do or rather the most I can do to have any real benefit to this strange time in 2022.

On Prayers page I am adding prayers for us all, prayers for reflection and prayers for peace in Ukraine.

Spend a moment and read one or two of the prayers, or maybe it will lead you to write and share a prayer of your own.

Rev’d Sue Martin

Help and Pray for the People of the Ukraine.

…dreadful and devastating crisis emerges before our eyes

The dreadful and devastating crisis emerges before our eyes as the Russian military invade Ukraine.

This is something we have not experienced for over eighty years. Hundreds of thousands of children and adults have been affected. The evacuation of so many people on the roads with their suitcases, travelling away from their homes to places of safety, such as Poland, Moldova, Romania, and Hungary. Europe is united in support of these people who need our help now.

What can we do? Firstly, we can pray. We can pray for the people and for peace. In our schools, in our churches and in our homes. We can pray on our own or join in with others to show solidarity, united in faith.

Secondly, we can give. It may be online donation or actual clothes and food and medicines. There are places in every town where these can be sent to depots to reach the Ukrainian people, wherever they are.

There are many large charities where your money will be well used. UNICEF is focussing on children and families.

Donate now to protect children in Ukraine

A Prayer for Ukraine

Dear Father,

We pray for peace and for the leaders of the countries as they try valiantly to open talks and prevent further fighting and use of weapons.

We pray for the people in Ukraine, those who have stayed and those who have travelled away from their country, in fear and desperation for their lives. Children and families have been separated in the fight for the freedom of their country. Help us to do what we can to help, by giving and praying.

Father, hear our prayers and calm our fears. Be with us and with our neighbours of Ukraine.

Amen.  Rev’d Sue Martin, Diocese of Norwich


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