Lent 3 – Jesus accepts us as we are with our faults.

IMG 1729He finds us where we are, not where we wish to be or even think we should be and hope to be, but where we are.

In this place, in this time and just as we are.That doesn’t’ mean we should not try to do all that we can in the right way, but an acceptance that we as humans are pretty frail, pretty easily led, pretty concerned about things of no real importance.

Isn’t that why we struggle, isn’t that why we come back to prayer and to church time and time and time again?

In John 8:1-11, Jesus was seeking some rest in the Mount of Olives. The Pharisees brought him a woman who had sinned and they were hoping that he would condem her. What did he do? He asked for any there who had not sinned ever, to throw the first stone. They all walked away and he was left with the woman and asked her not to sin anymore.

Jesus accepts us as we are with our faults.

Rev’d Sue Martin – Sermon for 3rd Sunday in Lent at St John’s Church King’s Lynn