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St Michael and All Angels- Michaelmass

St Michael is seen as the chief of archangels, a defender, guardian, protector of Israel and the faith. He is shown in Daniel as a warrior and of course in Revelation he is the slayer of the dragon and the angel who cast out the Satan from the heavenly thrones.

The to angels is said to be:

First Order are Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones,

Second order Dominions, Powers and Virtues

Third Order Principalities, Archangels and Angels

Terms also to describe angels are sons of God, ‘holy ones’, Angels are mentioned in the divine council of God as members of a heavenly chorus,

St Michael is  gentle and brave, gallant and bold.

From the hymn by Jan Struther,

Let faith be my shield and let joy be my steed

‘Gainst the dragons of anger and the ogres of greed:

And let me set free, with the sword of my youth,

From the castle of darkness, the power of the truth.

Michaelmass, September 29th is the time we remember St Michael and also celebrate the changing seasons of the agricultural world.

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Michaelmas and Archangel St Michael

September 29th. Michaelmas, an important  day in the farming year when traditionally farm tenancies changed, and farm workers were unhired or hired for the coming year. Must have been a difficult time if you were a hired hand and then n longer had a job for the winter ahead.  The hiring fairs across the country were held around this day

St Michael the Archangel is patron saint of sea and maritime lands, of ships and boatman, of horses and horseman. He was the Angel who hurled Lucifer from Heaven for his treachery. He is seen as the leader of the army of angels against the forces of evil, as a protector. He is a Satan slayer and a dragon beater!

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Rev’d Sue Martin

Heroes and Villains – Archangel St Michael

Mural on entrance wall at Rockingham Centre

Dragons at Rockingham Centre, Southwark

Many stories have a hero and a villain.
Some that come to mind are; Superman and Lex Luther , Batman and The Joker, Harry Potter and Voldemort, Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader,

What happens in these stories; well let’s take Harry Potter, of course…

As he grows up in his school at Hogwarts he discovers the evil truth about Voldemort, that he is trying to overthrow all that is good in the world of wizardry including the head of the school,  Professor Dumbledore.
But Harry Potter is strong and rises up to those who are used by Voldemort to
do his evil works, eventually Harry Potter meets and fights with Voldemort himself.
Harry Potter the hero and Voldemort the villain.

Sherlock Holmes, the series with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman is one of my favourites.
Sherlock who is able to make amazing deductions from clues, is always aware that
Moriarty is a force that is usually present.
And so then to St Michael, we hear in the book of Revelations that Michael and his angels fight the dragon and his angels and that Satan, the dragon is defeated and thrown down.

So St Michael is the hero!!

And then what about his band of angels, read more in Faith Goes Walkabout, sermons.

Rev’d Sue Martin

St Michael & Michaelmass

St Michael is an Archangel and the guardian angel of autumn. He also looks after the element of fire. He helps the farmers with their harvesting. He is the angel of courage and strength. He helps people to reap rich rewards for their labours earlier in the year and to celebrate their achievements.

He is often portrayed on churches and in paintings in his red clothing and killing the great dragon as we have heard in Revelations. His function also is to be the leader of the heavenly armies and drive rebel angels from heaven.

Michaelmass is held on September 29th and is a celebration around the equinox of our changing times, the end of the summer and the start of the autumn.

We held our service at All Saint’s Church Ashwicken on Saturday 30th September. It was a beautiful evening and we started the service outside at the West End as the sun was setting.

A time for reflection and a time to contemplate on St Michael, angels and heaven.

The sermon and prayers can also be seen on Faith Goes Walkabout.

Rev’d Sue Martin

Diocese of Norwich


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