Come away and rest a while…


IMG_1524Seventh Sunday after Trinity July 19th    2015

Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.’ Says Jesus to the disciples. Mark 6:31

What a powerful few words. How often would we like someone to say that to us.

Come away and rest a while….

 What’s been happening to Jesus and the disciples? Why are they so tired and in need of rest?Jesus saw that his disciples were getting tired and so asked them to come away and rest.

They went in a boat and to find a deserted place, they set off into the Sea of Galilee and headed up the shore, from Capernaum.

But the crowds had seen them and were following on the shore and in fact arrived before they did. So the only rest the disciples has was in the boat. The Sea of Galilee can be incredibly calm and restful beyond measure so let’s hope that they did get some rest before they clambered out of the boat.

When they arrived at the shore Jesus sees the crowds and feels compassion for them as he says, they are like sheep without a shepherd,

And he walks up the hill and starts to speak to them.

Interestingly in today’s readings, we miss out the next section which is the Feeding of the Five thousand, which is a story to itself. And then the calming of the waves, these are both very active sections from Jesus.

And we do all need rest and a time and a place where we can feel peace and calm. Easier said than done!!

Ahead of us we have the summer, holiday time. To experience the real joy of love and laughter and to find space for each other.

In our busy lives it’s hard sometimes to find some space and to Come Away to a deserted place and rest a while.

We rush around getting so much done and achieving more and more, there is more and more on offer for everyone of us and that is really wonderful.

But in the midst of all the running around and endless activity can we find some space, some space to find God and to let God find us. If we never speak to God and say prayers, if we never give thanks and spend some time in worship, how can we expect Him to be with us?

Come Away and rest a while…come to a deserted place all by yourselves.


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Rev’d Sue Martin

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