Kalpana in NepalWe have been supporting Kalpana and her family in Nepal for five years now. She is the oldest girl in her family and they live in the countryside and mountains of Nepal.

We were delighted to receive these photos of her with her brothers and sisters, looking so happy and a real family.

We send money to Kalpana’s uncle, Bhim Bahadur Sunawar to help give Kalpana an education. Although recently, the money has been needed just to help with their housing and shelter after the earthquakes.

I journeyed to Nepal in 2010 on the Everest Base Camp Trek. I suffered badly from Altitude sickness 2 days from the base camp at 14,000ft and Bhim was the guide who walked me down the mountains on our own over 4 days.

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If we can help in some way to support Kalpana and her family we know this goes directly to making her life better.

We send money, books and clothes and hope one day to visit again with a Books Go Walkabout project.

Revd Sue Martin FaithGoesWalkabout.org

Kalpana in Nepal2