Walkabout Hoi An, Vietnam 2018

Hoi An Central Vietnam, Walkabout October 2018



Hoi An is famous for the beautiful colours and magical feel.

The river Ban meanders through Hoi An at no real speed and no sense that it heading to the sea close by, like Vietnam there is no rush.

This lady offered me a ride in her small boat, at a price that was much less than the larger boats with music. So I sat back and watched the banks of Hoi An slowly pass by with the yellow plastic chrysanthemums offering a unique view point.

The full story of the visit appears in Hoi An 2018, for me a time of reflection and a chance to glimpse a different world, changing rapidly with the increase of tourists from China.








Like the girl on the bike, sometimes my life becomes overloaded and this visit to Hoi An helped meĀ  off load!

Rev’d Sue Martin