Poppies and storm clouds

A few weeks ago I took the photo of the poppies in a nearby field, close to where I live in West Norfolk.

At that time fields were full of the stunningly bright red poppies.



Where there had been crops of wheat and barley, the fields had been turned into rewilding projects on the local estate farms and the poppies flourished.

For me, the poppies represent all that we have lost in this last year. Through their radiant colour, they show all that is good in this life. They show that if cared for they can flourish, just like ourselves.

The dark grey clouds indicate that we are not out of the storms yet, we still have to find our way through the Covid 19 crisis, blue skies appear from time to time, but still the storm clouds roll in.

But we will find our way through ,and with God’s help we can look after others who are struggling and we can find new ways of living. Like the poppies in the fields, which had been  struggling, but now are  radiant and flourishing.

Rev’d Sue Martin

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