Visit to The Holy Land in Lent 2020

As the winter continues I am delighted that I am about to embark on my second visit to the Holy Land. We arrive at the Sea of Galilee on February 24th and  have a full itinerary for the week including;  Galilee, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Jericho and the Dead Sea.

Really excited to be not just revisiting but re-energising my understanding of the life of Jesus, visiting the same places and walking in his footsteps. Spiritually it will touch my soul, physically  it will give me great hope as I visit further places in my pilgrimages and travel journeys. The Dead Sea has been a place I have wanted to visit since I learnt about it at school.

Physically,the whole region is set on the edge of the Mediterranean and Europe and the edge of the Middle East and Africa. Never a very settled area of the world. The Dead Sea is at the end of the deepest valley in the world, with the River Jordan flowing through this rift valley.

So, now to start planning the next Blog  for the journey ahead.

Rev’d Sue Martin


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