Barcelona 18th July 2017

How can anyone commit these atrocities and drive into people? Where is there any element of faith in the scenes as they unfolded?

I would really like to put my head in the sand and be an ostrich right now. If I thought that was possible and that when I came up for air, then all this turmoil, evil happenings , awful things being said would have gone away, then I may have tried that approach.

But it hasn’t and there have been such dreadful events that they are now impossible to ignore. They continue to create fear, despair, upset and rage and then what happens next?

If we can in our prayers, be with all those in Barcelona at the dreadful killings in Las Ramblas and also with those in Charlottesville USA.

Oh how I wish I knew what could be done to stop this build up of hatred and vengeance from taking hold. It is not a matter of faith, this is a matter of vengeance and control, hatred and evil

Feeling bewildered…

Rev’d Sue Martin

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