An early start from Norfolk saw myself and three fellow pilgrims travelling to Luton airport at 6.00am on a cold, wet and windy Monday morning in February. Every journey has to start somewhere, and we were definitely looking forward to a warmer climate in Israel.

Restal Hotel, Tiberius

Travel on easyJet was fine and we landed at Tel Aviv airport at 6.30pm. Security was tight but not aggressive and we made it to the coach with our other 52 pilgrims, weary, hungry and ready for the hotel and a hot shower and bed.

But that was not to happen right away and we met with our guide, Hanna or in English, John, who kept us fed with information about the week ahead, Israel, our pilgrimage, the Old Testament and more…. So, by 9.00pm when we arrived at Restal Hotel in Tiberius, we already knew more than previously about the Holy Land.

Rev’d Sue Martin

Just arriving…