Anemones at Abu Gosh

Abu Gosh is thought to be Emmaus, where two of the disciples walked to from Jerusalem. Jesus walked with them but they did not recognise him. Finally at supper, they knew him when he broke the bread.

A real place of peace, where spring flowers, anemones, cyclamen and daffodils, were so beautiful. We held our last Eucharist in The Church of the Resurrection.

Benedictine Monastery, Abu Gosh

And finally… before we entered Ben Gurian Airport to go through tight security and our journey home, we had a special treat from Hanna, our guide; he sang The Lord’s Prayer to us in Aramaic, his home language. Hanna had been an amazing guide, inspirational, patient and a source of immense understanding of the Bible.

You can see a very short film of this ‘omnibus celebration’ here…

A different voice…

An amazing end to this wonderful pilgrimage, my understanding of the whole narrative of the Old and New Testament stories has gained so much. And my soul has been filled more and more each day; through being in this place, by hearing more about the scriptures and the company of friends.

Thank you especially to The Very Reverend Jane Hedges, The Right Reverend Jonathan Meyrich, John Hanna Koury, Gemm Travel , Pilgrimage People and to all fellow pilgrims. We have all made this a special adventure, walkabout and pilgrimage to this very Holy Land. Rev’d Sue Martin

Rev’d Sue Martin
Wonderful and weary of foot