Mount Tabor

The place where the Transfiguration happened, on top of the mountain where clouds fly freely in the sudden winds blown around the mountain top. It is also a high vantage point for the fertile plains below.

Mount Tabor…

We arrived at the base of Mount Tabor and took shuttle transport to the top, through winding and steep narrow roads. On the top of the mountain the views were amazing, the fertile plains below full of green crops and blossoming trees.

Eucharist and Ashing at Mount Tabor

We held our Eucharist on this special place in an outside covered space. We received the ashing for Ash Wednesday, signed with the cross, not in ashes but in the dust from Capernaum.

A very special service in this deeply spiritual place where Jesus was lifted up into the clouds with Moses and Elijah.


A busy, bustling town with all the normal traffic, horn blowing, people carrying on with their lives, selling souvenirs and pomegranate juice.

Nazareth – the Church of the Anunciation

We wandered to the Church of the Annunciation, this is a church for all nations, a beautiful interior with some of the most deeply coloured stained-glass windows. Small windows along the stairs were rich, with vibrant colours and smooth glass in the middle and rougher at the edges.

Inside the Church of the Anunciation

We also went to St Joseph’s church, a quieter and more reflective space with wonderful images of Joseph and Jesus.

Beautiful fruit in Nazareth

Maybe it would have been good to have spent a little more time just wandering in Nazareth, but lunch was calling.


After we had lunch in Cana we went to the Church and had Morning Prayer( we were a bit out of sync with the day!) in the chapel of St Simon the Canaanite.

There were many people around the church and we soon made our way back to the coach to return back to Tiberius. The next day looks to be busy again and much looking forward to Jericho and floating in the Dead Sea.

Rev’d Sue Martin
Journeying in earnest…