Pilgrimage to Papua New Guinea 2015
Dioceses of Norwich, Waiapu and Rockhampton

m_3mOn August 26th our party of pilgrims from  three dioceses in England, New Zealand and Australia left Brisbane airport for Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.

A pilgrimage of journeying in company with each other and with God to meet friends in a very different part of the world. This was not a journey of mission but of pilgrimage and we were travelling to explore and receive from fellow Christians.

A few weeks after returning home and in reflection, this was an amazing adventure, a journey of trust and of exploration, of shared fellowship and of ways to be a true Christian.

This blog gives a taste of that journey and an indication of the place and the land, the people and the customs. And perhaps above all shows that it was a journey of learning, of letting go, of finding ourselves and reaching out to others.

Rev’d Sue Martin

Diocese of Norwich   /   Faith Goes Walkabout

Papua New Guinea 2015
Papua New Guinea 2015 – a journey of faith…

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Dioceses of Norwich, Waiapu and Rockhampton

  1. Wonderful to read your blog and see that all went well. We returned from our sabbatical in PNG in August and still adjusting to being back in the UK. We loved our time there and the students at Newton really appreciate knowing that they are being prayed for and remembered – theirs truly is a sacrificial calling.

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