Papua New Guinea 2015:
A journey of Faith

Our pilgrimage to Papua New Guinea in August 2015 is a real adventure and the journey of a lifetime. The 23 pilgrims are preparing to leave the cosiness of home for a journey across the world to a land of rain forests and islands.

We are a small group from three countries, the U.K. , New Zealand and Australia.
Pilgrims from the UK are from the Norwich Diocese, including myself. Others have
been before, led by the Bishop of Lynn. Bishops of
Papua New Guinea have returned to Norwich, so in some sense it is a well travelled

This travel blog will be updated throughout the pilgrimage, as we arrive,and journey on,
the places we travel to and the people we meet. It will provide a snapshot of the
journey in pictures and words.

For pilgrims it will give a record of this special time and for those at home it is a chance to follow the journey as it happens.

As we make our preparations we gather clothes, apply for visas, buy the right insect
repellant, have inoculations. We also get ready in our thoughts and prayers.
Thoughts about the New world we will visit, the people we will meet and the
chance to see how God’s world is fulfilled in different ways.

Reverend Sue Martin


Papua New Guinea 2015
Papua New Guinea:  A journey in 2015