August 25th 2015 Riverglenn Brisbane

imageWe all arrived safely at Riverglenn, just outside Brisbane.

Three countries, three dioceses and 23 pilgrims shared time, lives and thoughts. We found out more about our journey to Papua New Guinea and the people we will meet. We learnt to say ‘ thank you ‘ tenke yu tru !

And we bought even more insect repellant for those ferocious mozzies.

At the end of the day we said Evening Prayer together and prayed for our journeys, the communities we are going too and our families that we have left behind for a while.

Tomorrow  morning seems very close now and to me is unbelievable that in a few hours we will be flying to the beautiful lands of Papua New Guinea.

God Bless us on our way…

Papua New Guinea 2015
Papua New Guinea 2015 – the journey begun



4 thoughts on “August 25th 2015 Riverglenn Brisbane

  1. So far so good. Nice photo, looking forward to seeing more. Thinking of you. Best wishes, Sue

  2. Well, I must say that you all look fit and eager. It`s a long journey but it is the journey of a lifetime for some so I hope you all enjoy the experience .
    Special hello to Eleanor and Brian (our next door neighbors ) we are keeping a watch on your house for you.
    Have a safe journey and please Take Care.
    Dave and Anne

  3. “Bikpela bai i mekim gut long yupela na was gut long yupela” – Numbers 6:24
    (The LORD Bless you and keep you….)as you continue on.

    1. Lovely to see Sally and Trish and all you lovely people with so much love and enthusiasm. God bless you all and keep you safe. You are in our prayers, Chris , Suzanne and Matthew x

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