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Sea of Galilee, Capernaum & River Jordan,
Tuesday 27th January

The Sea of Galilee

IMG_1502A day full of wonder and awe the Lake was so peaceful and calm, a boat trip to remember for ever, a Eucharist by the shore of the lake, which was amazingly beautiful..





The Boat on the Lake

In temperatures of about 15C we set out  in the boat to the middle of the lake. We stopped , in the quiet and calmness, the places that we all knew from the New Testament were shown to us,  and we saw across the Lake,the places where Jesus lived and worked,  where he carried out the first miracles in Galilee.

IMG_1511We saw Magdala, where Mary Magdalene lived, the place where Jesus preached the sermon on the mount, the feeding of the five thousand, Capernaum, the Golan Heights and much more.

It was so peaceful, we had a readings, prayers and then dancing!


The Eucharist by the shore

IMG_1517At the place by the shore where Jesus asked Peter to feed his sheep, we had  our first Eucharist service in the open air under the trees, close to the Lake. The Gospel reading was Mark 4 :35-41, Bishop Graham preached on the abundance that we are given and the fragments of our lives that are to be used and collected, like the bread that we share.

It was truly amazing and deeply spiritual.

Along with others I paddled in the Lake, it was clear and warm and was as unlike the North Sea at this time of the year as you could imagine.

We saw the stone where it is thought that Jesus stood as he shared breakfast with the disciples.

We journeyed on to the place of the feeding of the five thousand and the Mount, where the Beautitudes were taught to the disciples.

DSCF2142Lunch was St Peter’s fish at a local restaurant and we enjoyed some time together. After Lunch we were told that changes had been made to the afternoon plan. Syria had dropped some missiles on the Golan Heights, which were in the distance and too close to Caesarea Philippi for us to travel there.

The reflection of our first day is amazement and wonder.


DSCF2156A beautiful small town, although in Jesus’ time it would have been busier. It was where Peter lived with his mother in law, and very close to the synagogue. We saw the remains of the actual room where Jesus would have spent time with Peter.

The synagogue was built in 4AD so would have been there in Jesus time, an amazing experience. There are now several built areas around and although well done, I preferred the space to gaze over the Lake, which was calm and quiet, apart from the distant sound of fighter planes and helicopters. Quite surreal.

River Jordan

It took us about 30 minutes in the coach to arrive at the site of the baptism of Jesus. The River Jordan, as it leaves the Sea of Galilee towards the Dead Sea, is in a gently sided valley, with trees and grass slope. We sat and watched and we renewed our baptismal vows and watched others immersing themselves in the water.

As we sat and watched the river, a flock of birds flew swiftly passed, and followed by a tailing different bird, rapidly trying to catch up with them.

At the day’s end  we said Evening Prayer, talked a little and shared supper together.

Undertaking a journey of Faith...an image
Undertaking a journey of Faith…






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