Getting Ready

Books for the journey
Books for the journey

Two days to go and thoughts were forming on all that we were about to see and experience.

So far books have helped to become more familiar with the places and the time-scales of Jesus ministry.

All of which are well recorded and I have enjoyed further reading to help form a visual picture of those travels.

If  this is your first journey to the Holy Land, then there may be confusions around the images in your mind and the reality of the place in 2014.

But, as a Roman Catholic priest said,

Even if there are many places telling you that Jesus walked here and making claims for his presence in that place, there is one thing that you must do. That is to see the dawn appear over the Sea of Galilee, as it comes up between the dark hills and that first shaft of light hits the water, then you know that Jesus would have seen that same shaft of light so many years ago.”

Revd Sue Martin

Undertaking a journey of image
Undertaking a journey of Faith…






About this journey?

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