Holy Land Pilgrimage
Norwich Diocese 2015

 A view of Jerusalem

In January a group from Diocese of Norwich are travelling to the Holy Land, led by Right Reverend Graham James, Bishop of Norwich.

The chance of a lifetime for many and a journey all who want to walk in the places where Jesus walked.

We visit many of the sacred sites but as Bishop Graham said,” We will see them in the context of the present day reality of life in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

We will also go to St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Ramallah for their Sunday worship and to learn something of the experience of Palestinian Anglicans today. Visits to such bodies as the Holy Land Trust and B’Tselem, the Israeli justice and peace group, are not on usual pilgrimage itineraries but will give a significant insight into life in the Holy Land today.”

Follow us on this blog, Facebook and Twitter, as we journey to the Holy Land, touching the life of Jesus and experiencing the life of Palestinian’s today.

Undertaking a journey of Faith...an image
Undertaking a journey of Faith…






About this journey?

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2 thoughts on “Holy Land Pilgrimage
Norwich Diocese 2015

  1. Greetings to all you pilgrims.
    I will be following your progress closely over the next days of journeying….praying for you and hoping that close friendship and bonds develop with your hosts and those you meet
    I, too, made a similar pilgrimage last October, visiting Christians in Ramullah, Nablus, Bethlehem and other places well as the traditional Holy Stones
    I will be seeing you in my imagination as you greet the Living Stones, discover and gaze at the reality of their tough lives and pray at the Holy Sights where you will be silenced by deep memories and echoes from 2000 years ago.
    May all go well with you
    Sue Page

  2. I am looking forward to reading peoples’ impressions on the trip as it happens. Having had the pleasure of living and working there for some years, I would hesitate to describe it as “The Holy Land,” but I am sure everyone will have a most memorable time and I wish them all God’s blessings and protection every step of the way.

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