An invisibility cloak! Pentecost

Pentecost, rushing winds, tongues of fire, speaking in different tongues, but how else does the Holy Spirit work?  Where is this Holy Spirit?

It can be rather like an invisibility cloak, you know the one that Harry Potter uses to get about and see things when others can’t see him? Through our own invisibility cloak, of the Holy Spirit,  we can see a world that is beautiful, full of God’s love and in which we can take a real place.  So long as we let the Holy Spirit surround us and come within us we can see a world that is full of richness in spirit and in love.

Without it we see a world full of fear, greed and looking only after our own selves.

How many times  in this lockdown have people shown little acts of kindness, not the great big things but the odd word in the street, across the road, a phone call, a card through the post, collecting the shopping for others, and the list goes on. In our own village in Norfolk, a new group helps others who have to stay at home and are vulnerable. Truly a good thing to do.

Pope Francis in his recent address says Vene, Spirito Santo, Come Holy Spirit.


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Rev’d Sue Martin


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