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Faith and Work

Faith and Work go hand in hand.

Every day lives lived out in faith.

  Rev’d Sue Martin

What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works?  James 2:14

Christ the King school Port Moresby Papua New Guinea Sue Martin 2015

 Bishop’s Officer for Schools’ Mission in the Diocese of Ely  2018-2022

Boats on River Wissey nr Ely

Bringing my work in schools and with children and families into a role in the Diocese of Ely enables connections and partnership working between church and church schools.

An aspect in which I have been especially interested  are  Bishop Stephen’s Lent Challenges for 2021 and 2022. The development of the projects for all the church schools has provided great evidence and involvement in schools from all the primary age groups.

Working with outside charitable organisations of World Vision in 2022  has been a unique experience and provided wonderful resources providing children with an insight into a diverse and engaging world with Christianity at the fore.

Both Challenges were during Covid 19 and responses reflected the impact of the virus on schools and children was shown through their work and discussions.

Lent 2022

Bishop Stephen’s Lent Challenge 2022, Brave Believers

In partnership with World Vision the Lent Challenge was sent to all  Diocese of Ely church schools. As the conflict in Ukraine developed it provided a much-needed resource for children to express their own thoughts, including bravery, courage and faith.

Over 46 schools registered that they took part in Brave Believers and 20 schools have returned the most amazing examples of the children’s work.

The video below is a collection of works and thoughts from some of our schools. We have not identified all materials as sometimes it is best to remain anonymous.

Faith, Hope and Compassion at the End of Life

A presentation delivered at The Norfolk Hospice, Tapping House on September 16th 2016.

Faith & Work

These two are inextricably linked. Life includes work and work includes life.

Sue Martin hopes you enjoy this websiteThey go in hand in hand. It seems when they are out of balance we can lose sight of what is important. Time is crucial and for many of us is a resource that we use to the full;never enough time, never enough time for the little things in life that make it a real joy.

“Some have work and money but too little time, while others have all the time but no work and no money. …. We seem to have made work into a god and then made it difficult to worship.”
Charles Handy – The Empty Raincoat

If we can create a harmony between work and life without the need for more, and an achievement we can find ourselves in a good place.

As part of ministry, fundamental to the sense of calling, is our work in communities, with children and families, with areas in need and where the space for creativity and imagination has been lost by pressures of living and hard times.

We have an ethical partnership with social aims which delivers projects supporting the development of social enterprise, governance and funding advice in the charity and education sectors. We also offer project and change management for new capital and revenue projects which have social outcomes.

Alongside that we have a children’s books aspect, bringing literacy into schools and communities and an  web development and ICT section creating websites, e-communication systems and technology that widens community conversations  and increases organisational presence.

The websites below have more details;


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