The best gift of all! The Holy Spirit

PentecostActs 2: 1- 21

And just how amazed do you think the disciples would have been to find that they were speaking in different languages!

Can you imagine it now? What would people have said?

A great crowd of people at a special festival, tongues of flame start to appear from all around, mmmm… not looking to good. Someone by now would have called the police on their mobile.

“Come quick please, I think we have been tricked! This new band have sent fire into the crowd and now there are men who are talking in all sorts of different languages. You’d better hurry!”

At the feast of Pentecost there were a group of about 200 followers, the disciples, and Mary, mother of Jesus and his brothers. A sound from Heaven, like a strong wind appeared and tongues like fire rested on them.

Peter, standing with the other 11 disciples, addressed the crowd. He interpreted the tongues as the fulfillment of God’s promise, described in Joel

Peter went on to baptise about 3000 people that day. They were from countries far and wide; they had the potential to cross cultural boundaries. They had the power and the spirit to take the word of God across the world.

The church and Christianity started here!

Rev’d Sue Martin,  Diocese of Norwich –  www faithgoeswalkabout

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